Geothermal Heat Pump Monitoring Systems

Geothermal heat pump systems collect and use renewable solar energy stored in the subsurface to heat and cool buildings. Ground Energy Support (GES) is dedicated to providing unbiased, high quality data and objective analyses to support the development of ground source heat pump technology.

Live Demo Sites

Performance Monitoring

GES offers a unique system that monitors the basic operations of geothermal heating and cooling system, and displays this information online at the GES website. Learn More

Thermal RECs

The State of New Hampshire has recently added the renewable energy produced by geothermal (ground source) heat pumps the State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. GES has been working closely with NEGPA and the NH PUC during the rulemaking process. Learn More

GES Receives DoE Grant

Ground Energy Support has received a Phase I STTR grant to develop advanced methods to evaluate and verify geothermal heat pump system performance.

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