Explanation of Metrics in Email Reports

TOTAL BTUs (Thousands)

Represents the total heat delivered by all installed heat pumps and includes the heat of extraction (geoexchange), the thermal energy produced by the compressor, and the hot water generation, if measured. Fuel Equivalents represent the amount of conventional heat fuel that would be required to provide the same total BTUs delivered.

Heating Degree Days

Heating degree days represent the average outdoor air temperature relative to the base temperature of 65°F. The cumulative heating degree days for the heating season (Sept 1 to date) are summarized for both the current year and previous year. If your monitoring system was installed after Sept 1 of the previous year, the data for the previous year is incomplete as indicated by '---' in the email report.

Operating Costs

The total operating cost is computed from the measured electricity consumption for each monitored component (heat pumps, circulating pumps, and electric auxiliary). Savings represent the difference in the cost of electricity with that of the cost of the other conventional heating fuels.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are calculated based on the Net Renewable Thermal Energy defined as the total useful thermal energy less electrical energy used in its production. Carbon emissions associated with electricity production are taken from the US EPA eGRID 2012 data product, and vary depending on location of installation. Carbon offsets relative to Fuel Oil and estimated equivalent Trees Planted use the US EPA.

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