NH Thermal Renewable Energy Certificates – Metering Options

Ground Energy Support (GES) offers products and services that can assist you in metering and reporting Thermal RECs. The flow charts below provide an introduction to some of the key elements of the New Hampshire Thermal REC program requirements.


Determine Eligibility & Metering Requirements

If you have a geothermal system located in New Hampshire that began operation after January 1, 2013, you may be eligible to receive Thermal Renewable Energy Certificates for the renewable energy generated by your system.

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Metering Methods for Small Systems


Systems with capacities less than 200,000 BTUs/hour (16.6 tons), the heat pump runtimes, in heating mode, can be combined with certified performance data to compute and report the useful thermal energy produced.

At present, we offer two options for metering heat pump runtimes. We have developed an App to interface with Ecobee-Smart thermostat to record runtimes. To insure accurate reporting, we deduct operating time when auxiliary heat is active. This deduction can be omitted with the addition of the Ecobee Remote Sensor Module and additional temperature and current sensors (available from GES). For systems not equipped with an Ecobee Smart thermostat, the GxTracker ™ offers several options for metering runtimes (discussed further below). For systems with capacities greater than 200,000 BTU/hr, a heat meter is required. GES can assist you in identifying a heat meter that will comply with PUC requirement.

GxTracker Model Selection

Ground Energy Support offers a variety of web-based monitoring systems that comply with the requirements to measure heat pump runtimes. The GxTracker monitoring systems offer a wide range of capabilities. The GxT-Basic is tailored to meet the minimum metering requirements and includes:

  • Runtime metering for up to 3 heat pumps
  • Email alerts
  • Private Online Data Dashboard

More sophisticated GSHP Performance Data can be obtained with the GxT-Power and GxT-PowerPlus custom monitoring systems.

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